Workers Compensation Law

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Workers Compensation Law

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Unlike other Vermont firms that handle many different types of legal claims in addition to workers’ compensation cases, we at Talbott Berman, PLLC in Shelburne, VT almost exclusively represent injured workers in workers’ compensation claims. The distinction of focus in workers’ compensation law gives our clients confidence that Talbott Berman, PLLC is among the most skilled in successfully representing individual clients’ interests in situations involving a work injury. We aggressively fight to protect our clients’ rights. We understand the ins and outs of workers compensation law to achieve the most desirable results.

On the approved Mediator’s list for the Department of Labor, Mr. Talbott can also help resolve disputes between insurance companies and injured employees.

Talbott Berman, PLLC focuses to bring clients the following services:

• Representation of workers/employees injured at work in Vermont

• Helping these injured employees navigate the confusing Vermont workers’ compensation legal system, so that injured workers may receive the full benefits and rights they deserve

• Helping as a skilled mediator and arbitrator in worker’s compensation claims

If you’ve been hurt at work, had your weekly benefits cut, or your medical treatment has been denied, turn to TTalbott Berman, PLLC to help you get all that you deserve, including peace of mind. To schedule a free consultation, call us today at 802-497-1265. Our services are offered on a contingent fee basis.